Looking Pretty At The Wall

by Cleo Tucker

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released August 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Cleo Tucker Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Lucy's in the Sky
an unfamiliar place where you'd rather stay

a meditation plan when you sway n sink

i want a found out town for the caroler who sounds

like white when the sun goes down

i swear ill be alright although lucy's in the sky

she waters the ground with gin she pours it out

onto the shadow of her home state tree

shes not ready to let it be

in awe with the medals you burned for someones heart

a scene you kept dreaming made you swollen then sharp
Track Name: Loo
you score the black and white

and hung the dress outside

tell the medicine to teach you what it is

the same apocolyps used to make your mother cry

you cant hide that minuet kind

shaking on a new highline

it shuts your eyes blue sunshine

see your face in steeping tea

the morning ring puts you to sleep

loo dont you loose you know i love you
Track Name: The Wall
123 will you list it off to me

how you're sorry you feel weird in a jubilation dream

and you're sorry about the load

looking pretty at the wall

o my mistaken love installed

while the moth doesn't talk but in the dress the holes you saw

keep on walking back outside to see a sigh under nice light
Track Name: Fast Dust
she grew up with the sheep

in a room stands on her knees

o today

she's somewhere today i said

i wanna make fast dust

something i've never thought of

i watched her get so high

make up sinks into her spine

like a 7am parade

feeling holiness without grace

like a bouncing rubber ball to a kid sent to the hall